Presenting to you one of my favorite lady Mentors and Bosses Stephanie Tsuru, co-founder of my new gorgeous office place,  SheSpace HTX! 

Nothing gets me more excited than speaking to someone who takes extreme care in what they do and how they do it.  There is nothing like putting thought into your work and especially your work space, SheSpace is special and in this episode you will hear why.

Stephanie and I are inspired by women who are not afraid to do things that are out of the norm, we talk Fear of Failure, we discuss putting our whole heart into our work and understanding that the moments of struggle are lessons... as Stephanie says they are gifts.  

Having too much on your plate? Leader, It's time to reconsider whether its worth your time and if you are getting what you need out of it.

Women Leaders Let's Unite! 

Follow her at @shespacehtx or visit their website

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