The State of Podcasting: The Past, Present and Future

For this Season 5 Opener we go LIVE! 

First I'd like to  Thank our Sponsors: SheSpace founders Stephanie and Katie Tsuru, Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber, and Carolina Varon Gambrel of SNR-Creative and Finest Blood Ms. Janenne Dorsey. I’m eternally grateful for their belief in what we are doing and for mentoring along the way! 

My first guest is Stephanie Tsuru. Stephanie tells us about the current state of podcasting as an established aspect of marketing strategy and community creation for our target audiences. In podcasting, a fairly common and successful strategy to gain listeners and to promote a brand is to bring in a fellow professional, an additional authority, to boost the audience of your podcast and/or brand while simultaneously boosting their own. Stephanie has been featured in many episodes of different podcasts; she is also the co-founder of this truly wonderful establishment, SheSpace, where we host and present our podcast.

My second guest is Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber. She talks to us about the past state of podcasting and how it has improved and established itself as crucial content in modern marketing strategies. As we all, here present, know, and have experienced, podcasting establishes our authority on our fields and supports the creation of our target audiences, which is really important to us as entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber has precisely devoted her career to this goal - she is an experienced marketer and instructor for the start-up and small-business owners of Houston, she is the co-host of the podcast, Big Ideas | Small Business, and she also happens to be a former radio host.

Finally, our third speaker Deissy Ayala will guide us through a look into the future state of podcasting, including its current use as a marketing tool, but also as a form of self-expression, self-projection, and manifestation.  Deissy is a dynamic and talented woman who has precisely created a space on her own podcast, Life is Full of Deissys, for the modern millennial to be encouraged, inspired, and feel safe to be the best version of themselves; she is also the co-founder of TX Podcaster Gals, a networking and support community for women in the podcasting field.

Listen as we share nuggets of podcasting experience and what we see as future trends! 

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