It is a known fact that certain life events can result in major changes in a person's life. Many times the death of a loved one, marriage, relationship issues, changes in circumstances and conditions of employment, illness are examples of major life events.  For Janenne Dorsey it was her father's illness.  As she became a primary caregiver her nursing skills became even more necessary, this one event led to her realizing that her caregiving could lead to a unique business idea. 

 This paradigm shift for Janenne is the topic of our conversation. We discuss her ability to multitask as she pursues her passion while being a mother and wife. We talk about circumstances that are created but that we can't control, and how to turn them into strengths. 

 How it was that taking care of her father lead to a mobile laboratory.  The advent of Covid created such a need for personalized care and Janenne realized this and found a way to serve her patients with the Finest Care. 

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