So many of us in Generation X have the challenge of taking care of our parents and our children simultaneously.  We can quite easily become stressed and overwhelmed by the tasks of handling doctors appointments, insurance claims and schooling for our kids. This episode is a love letter to you my fellow sandwiches.  You who do it all and who have to do it all with the best of your abilities.  I'm here for you!

I had the pleasure of including my amazing friend Jackie Gil to give you all a few tips for handling the responsibilities of our sandwich generation. We talk about burnout, self care and mental health.  Sharing our experiences with others makes a world of a difference as you will listen on, we really believe in that! 

The sandwich generation can often experience caregiver burnout and feelings of depression, guilt and isolation. It also creates a conflict finding the time to be a good spouse, parent, and child simultaneously. Another conflict is managing work, hobbies, relationships and time for themselves.

Let's give ourselves the grace to be the best we can be! 


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