In this powerful episode, we are talking about the truth behind fitness influencers. My guest Abby Liu and I discuss the mind and body connection with modern-day fitness regimes and try to answer the question. "can we ever be sufficiently thin and beautiful".  We talk about the toxic relationship we develop with our bodies when we internalize the inadequacy felt when we compare.  We also delve into the impact that social media has on our collective psyche, and why developing mental fortitude and balance is really the path for a woman as she faces her fitness goals.  Abby Liu has won back-to-back decathlon championships in 2018 and 2019, she competes at the highest levels in everything that she does. She will not go one day without some form of exercise, and we discuss why that high from her workouts fuels her day and ultimately her life! 

  As you will hear we determine that there is so much more to the no pain no gain adage...we have the capability to be so much more.  Our conversation about fitness leads us to hot topics like hormones, body dysmorphia, dating, sex and so much more! 

Follow the amazing Abby at @abbyliufit and be sure to take one of her sweat classes at @onesweat you will love it! 

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Created by Alicia A. Elatassi, Thinking Boutique by Alicia

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