In this episode we give you the beauty trends we are vibing in 2021!

Let's talk about: 

  1. Monthly visits to your skincare expert
  2. Skin care with pure botanical ingredients. 
    1. Beauty trend we are vibing  @vamigasbotanicals @tatcha @honest 
  3. CBD oils and Body Washes. 
    1. BeautyTrend we are vibing is @switch.2pure 
  4. Workout trend Pilates for that booty & snatched waist.
    1. Beauty trend we are vibing is  @defypilates
  5. Fresh natural dewy skin makeup. 
    1. Beauty trend we are vibing @ctilbury @PatrickTa @glossier @glowrecipe  @ilia
  6.  Bold brows like microblading, tinting and lamination.
    1. Beauty trend we are vibing is @brave.brows
  7. Vagina Facials
  8. Acrylic Nails
  9. Drinking tons of water 

Bonus: True beauty starts inside. Cleanse your mind and your surrounding from negativity and drain. Your inside reflects the outside and vice versa, neither is without the other. 

Sending Killer Vibes, Every Day 24/7, alicia

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